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(🎁2024 New Year Hot Sale🎁)The Casual Golf Game Set buy 2 free shipping
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(🎁2024 New Year Hot Sale🎁)The Casual Golf Game Set buy 2 free shipping

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Our Golf Set is the world's first multiplayer backyard game where the whole family can compete!

🎯Choose from 5 different high drama game modes (booklet included), challenge your buddies to see who reigns as ultimate chipping champ, or play solo and master your short game.

Transform Your Next Gathering Into A Battle For Short-Game Bragging Rights

Kids Even Put Down The Screens For It


👶Every golfer knows you're hooked for life once you catch the bug. Our Golf Game is a great way to introduce kids to the game, hone their skills, and nourish their passion.

The Perfect Game for Parties, Tailgates, and BBQs, Both Outdoors & Indoors!

🏌️‍♂️The whole game sets up in less than 60 seconds. Anywhere you can fit the 6-foot battle mat and have room to swing a club, indoors or out! Everything packs neatly into your Golf Game Carry case so it can become your essential travel companion for breaking out some fun at parties.

Dial In Your Short Game From Home!

Packing list:

1 x Sticky Playing Surface (100*60 cm/150*80cm)

16 x Soft Sticky Golf Balls Designed to Mimic Real Golf Ball Flight (4 Colors for 4 Players)

1 x Short Grass Turf For Hitting Balls Off (Simulates Shots Around The Green, 30*30cm) 

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